1. What is A/B testing?
  2. Initial design
  3. Frontend AWS infrastructure

A/B testing with AWS Lambda@edge :

  1. Architecture
  2. Implementation
  3. Performance Impact
  4. Costs

If you want to implement an A/B testing solution, which supports SSR and does not impact CloudFront cache, using Viewer Request Lambda@edge intercept a request before it arrives to CloudFront and add a cookie with a selected variant to the Request Header. On server based on that cookie render correct HTML, then attach Set-Cookie header to the response with value of selected variant to save it in user browser.

TL;But I can read:
If you already know about A/B testing, CloudFront and Lamba@edge, then go…


Born in Poland, living in Italy Software Engineer mostly focused on Frontend technologies. Tech Lead Frontend Developer @ TUI Musement.

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